Stimulate your intellectual curiosity with the latest technology

Open innovation council (OIC) offers you an exciting opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained through your occupation and academic career, by using surveys based on real business projects involving cutting-edge technology.


Open Innovation Council is a platform for a worldwide community of experts

Open Innovation Council (OIC) is a platform for an expert community where you, as a member, give advice and ideas to NineSigma’s clients about their cutting-edge prototypes, business ideas, or challenges through short surveys. It is a great opportunity for you to stimulate your intellectual curiosity about the newest technologies and offer ideas based on your knowledge and experience.

The 4 Benefits of OIC membership

Keep to date with the latest advances in technology

Gain more knowledge about the latest technology through OIC surveys.

Interact with other expert members worldwide

Engage in open discussion and interact with other members on specific articles.

Use your expertise within a community of innovators

Challenge your knowledge and experience while offering support to companies seeking innovative solutions.

Gain a sense of validation by having your feedback rated

Receive extra incentives for particularly helpful and valued feedback which is assigned by the client or NineSigma staff.

How OIC membership works

About OIC members around the world

Voices from OIC's members

"The OIC provides a great technical perspective and I always look forward to attending!"

“The NineSigma platform brings leading experts from multiple fields together to provide advice and insight on leading problems. It is rare to have so many experts in one place, especially with many providing insight from global settings around the world. The NineSigma platform provides incredible perspective on a vast array of new technologies and products and I always look forward to participating!”



"OIC is a great win-win platform to bring together qualified experts with product developers"

“OIC offers an innovation solution by bringing together high qualified experts with product developers via the ecosystem. Experts, who are part of the ecosystem, gain insight into the new topics and products being studied in their areas of expertise at an early stage, while product developers can seek advice on creative solutions from experts from all over the world. A great win-win platform for everyone!”



"The surveys are informative and the research questions state-of-the art."

It has been very rewarding to share my experiences in the field with other departments and/or companies. The surveys I have received were often informative and the research questions state-of-the art. I would however like to receive more feedback or additional questions to help out more, for example with specific tools or questions.


"For me, answering to the OIC survey is to explore a new upcoming technology."

For me answering to the survey is a possibility to explore a new upcoming technology and advice developers how to apply those technologies in my field of expertise. I believe for the developers it is also beneficial to have a feedback from the people with different backgrounds on the possibility to apply their technology.


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Anyone with professional knowledge (regardless of field) and experience in science and technology can participate. Since the topics of the survey are diverse, you can make use of the knowledge you have learned in the past and in your previous job or educational institutions. It is free to participate in and there is an examination period after your application.

It depends on your expertise and actual themes of our surveys based on our clients’ request. In general, we always have various themes and topics for our surveys. You will be notified of the survey at most three times a week. If you do not receive surveys often, please add your Expertise Tag. You can also add Expertise Tags based on your previous occupations and academic careers, if you want to expand the area where you can answer.

Rewards for surveys and Follow-Ups (additional text-based communication with clients after surveys) will be given as OIC Points that can be exchanged for gift cards. The OIC points can be exchanged for a variety of gift cards depending on the currency of each country.

NineSigma cannot be held responsible for the confidential information of the member’s company. Please answer only with content that does not include confidential information of your company. If you cannot answer with only publicly known information, please refrain from answering the question.

The regulation and rules of external activity are different for each company. We leave it to your judgment according to the regulation your affiliated company.

NineSigma’s expertise is to find what may be unknown to you & to connect you to new partners, start-ups, academia, SMEs and large companies across industries. Through our worldwide presence and our global science & technology network, NineSigma helps transform your business through technology and innovation in a faster, more agile way.

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