OI COUNCIL What is the Open Innovation Council (OIC) ?

The Open Innovation Council (OIC) is a community of highly qualified technology and industry experts who share their insights.

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  • Each year, members who contribute the most are recognized as Senior Industry Experts, earning special awards designed to motivate and inspire. (Details of award winners are announced annually in August)
  • Senior Industry Experts are selected based on the annual number and ratio of “excellent” ratings they receive for their answers to questionnaire queries. 



Voice of customer

OIC User

“Questionnaire respondents suggest unexpected application ideas.” – Chemical company
“OIC allowed us access to insights from industries and countries to which we never previously had access.” – Automotive OEM, Electronics company
“OIC provided us with technology-related information and perspectives we had never previously imagined.” – Pharmaceutical company

“OIC can significantly accelerate our consulting projects. It can gather initial hypothetical application ideas for our clients’ technologies within a week or two. Without it, we would need four to five client meetings and a month of discussions. ” – Partner, Global consulting firm
“We were seeking pivotal opportunities for the startup companies in which we had invested. We spent six months and had only one lead in the target industries. But OIC found leads in five out of ten top target companies in a matter of three weeks.” – Partner, Global VC
OIC Members

“I am pleased to be part of the OIC community.” – Director of Engineering, Global Electronics Company
“Your platform is simple and easy to access. The length of the questionnaires is normally short enough to avoid being too daunting. The frequency with which questionnaires are sent is also manageable. “ – Process Development Manager, Global Chemical company
“Responding to the queries provides good mental exercise separate from my everyday job, which is a key reward for me.” – Innovation Manager, Global Automotive Company

“I will continue to take part in the OIC community, as I think you job and questionnaires are really interesting.” – Product development Manager, Global Electronics Company
“It is very interesting to see the brand new ideas in my industry that come up in the questionnaires.” – Pricing and Inventory Controlling Manager, Global Food Company